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Products / Suppliers / CAS No. Company Name Buyer
Pharmaceutical Formulation and Biotech Companies   (1939)
Tablets, Capsules, Ointment, Injections, Syrups etc.

Pharmaceutical Raw Material  (1615)
Bulk Drugs / APIs, Drug Intermediaries, Chemicals...
Pharma Machinery and Packaging Materials   (1125)
Equipments, Machinery, Lab Products, Packaging Etc...

Laboratroy Products  (718)
Lab Instruments, Reagents, Cleanroom Equipments...
Ayurved/Herbal/Other Alternatives Medicines   (850)
Ayurved / Herbal Medicine, Extracts, Cosmetics Etc...

Clinical Research Org. / Regulatory Services  (62)
Product Dossiers, New Product Development, R&D etc...
Medical Products Section   (195)
Disposables / Medical Furniture, Equipments & Others.

Veterinary section  (246)
Veterinary Medicine and Animal Feed Supplement...
Pharma Industry Related Services   (309)
Sales Promotional Items, Freigth and Shipping, Hotels etc...


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